Clippet: A new app for daily one-minute audio newsclips


I love reading news… But like most of us, I feel like I don’t have time to read as much as I would like to.

As I walk to work every morning, I thought I should try to listen to podcasts to have my daily dose of news while walking. However, the podcasts I want to listen to seem to be always quite long (sometimes 40min!) so I end up not finishing them or even not bothering…

I understand that to cover a topic properly, you need details and time, but sometimes you just want this quick summary, just to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world or in a specific industry.

Today, I found an app that pretty much does that! It’s called Clipper, it’s available for free on Android and iOS and it delivers daily one-minute audio newsclips.

The concept was to create news for young people by young people. You can create your own playlists, browse categories, and the UI is really nice!


As a way to stay informed, I found the idea pretty good. Of course, if you prefer in-depth news, this is not gonna be enough.

I just downloaded it today so I haven’t had time to test it properly but if like me you want to give it a shot, go and check it out here or watch the video below to learn more.


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Charlie Gerard

Software Developer @ThoughtWorks, I am passionate about programming, Generative Art, Robotics, the Internet of Things and anything related to creative innovations.

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