The future of interaction is touch-free with ultrasound tech


More and more devices seem to use gesture tracking to allow touch-free interaction such as the Leap Motion and Kinect but also the recent and innovative onecue (see related article).

However, Elliptic Labs have introduced a new tool called the “Multi Layer Interaction” (MLI). It is not a new device but rather a new technology that can be implemented in already existing devices like your smartphone.

Tracking the position and distance of your hand, the device can ‘wake up’ when it senses movement, and execute other commands depending on the distance threshold the hand reaches. It can then improve the user’s interaction and experience with their smartphone.

On the technical side, it uses a minute transducer and a small ultrasound speaker to detect the movements around and it can be easily adapted to computers, smartphones, tablets and wearables. It can also use the built-in microphone to echo-locate the user’s hand so most manufacturers simply need to add the ultrasound speakers and the software to their device.

One of the most exciting thing is that it can detect the location of a hand with a 180 degrees interaction space with a maximum range of 50cm while using a small amount of power.

Watch the video below to learn more:

If you’re interested in playing around with it, you can get a dev kit on the website, Elliptic Labs.


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