‘Snake Monster’: A Spiderlike Robot Responding To Stimuli In Its Environment


I found spiderlike robots fascinating. So fascinating that I am considering building my own. The way they mimic real movements is really impressive and complex to execute.

The way each ‘leg’ moves has to be done considering the position of the other ones. The balance has to be calculated so the robot can actually walk.

Besides this, more and more robots are able to adapt to their environment and any obstacle that may come in front of them.

One example is the ‘Snake Monster’, a robot developed by the Biorobotics Lab at the Carnegie Mellon University, using 6 snakelike legs.

This robot funded by DARPA, is able to respond to different obstacles like being kicked, or having to walk over a bunch of objects placed on the floor.

Watch the video below to see the robot in action:

At the moment, this kind of robots are more experimental or at a prototype stage but I can’t wait to see them being developed to help rescue victims of earthquakes for instance.


Published by

Charlie Gerard

Software Developer @ThoughtWorks, I am passionate about programming, Generative Art, Robotics, the Internet of Things and anything related to creative innovations.

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