onecue: A Single Device to Control Your Connected Home


Developed by the leader in machine vision and gesture recognition eyeSight, the onecue is a new device that enables you to control your smart devices by simple gesture.

Placed on a desk or on top of your TV, the onecue uses its built-in camera to track your movement and recognise predefined gestures linked to specific actions. For example, you can mute your TV show simply by executing a “shush” gesture.

Besides controlling your TV, onecue also allows you to control the temperature and lights in your home by connecting to the Nest and Phillips Hue lightbulbs. In the future, it should also be able to connect to the Xbox and other devices.


If you’re not satisfied with the predefined gestures, you can personalise them via the Android or iOS app.

Your digital devices being usually controlled differently, the onecue acts like a hub able to connect everything together to give you the power to manage them all with the same gestures.

To have a better idea, watch the video below:

Now selling in pre-order for $129 instead of $199, the onecue seems to be worth a shot if you own a few different smart devices. Visit their website if you’re interested!


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Charlie Gerard

Software Developer @ThoughtWorks, I am passionate about programming, Generative Art, Robotics, the Internet of Things and anything related to creative innovations.

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