Smarter Artificial Skin Could Give Prosthetic Limbs Feeling


In the pursuit of innovative technology, the advancement of scientific research seems to always be a step ahead. This new experiment aiming to give artificial limbs feeling is one of them.

A group of South Korean and US researchers have developed a polymer capable of mimicking some of the real sensory capabilities of the skin.

The research around smart prosthetic limbs or stretchable material has been going on for years but this seems to be the most advanced material created yet with around 400 sensors per square millimeter.

As well as adding sensation to this stretchable material, the next challenge is to create durable connections to the human brain so that people could actually “feel” what they touch using a prosthetic.

Only tested on rats at the moment, the smart skin connected to a rat’s brain has shown some sensory output but not exactly  to what extent the rat felt heat, pressure or moisture.

Further tests on bigger animals seem to be the future of this experiment.


via MIT Technology Review 



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