Cue: A mini-lab that monitors your health

The more it goes, the more obvious it is that technology is gonna play a huge role in health in the following years.

Just by curating some articles, you can see the trend there. From fitness trackers to 3D printing of organs, technology is already on its way to make some of the biggest changes we’ve seen in this industry.

Even just today, I read about a new device that allows you to “monitor your health at a molecular level through a small at-home lab that analyses samples for various health metrics.”.


Simply using a tiny sample of blood or saliva, this device can track 5 different metrics –¬†inflammation, vitamin D levels, fertility, influenza and testosterone levels and send the data collected to your smartphone once the analysis is done.

Only in pre-order at the moment, this is definitely an exciting innovation and I can’t wait to know more about it or even try it out myself!


via Springwise


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Charlie Gerard

Software Developer @ThoughtWorks, I am passionate about programming, Generative Art, Robotics, the Internet of Things and anything related to creative innovations.

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